A path to recovery and renaissance; a strategy to grow.

What we do is pretty simple: it’s about helping all our clients reach their potential. From transformative economic development partnerships to new ways to manage fire department overtime, we want to see our clients succeed at every level throughout their organization. Our work is about strengthening both sides of the equation. Governments can’t be strong without a thriving local economy and economies can’t thrive without a strong government; that’s why our work is not done until we have designed and implemented holistic strategies for both.


Having successfully navigated four major cities and school districts through recovery plans to avoid historic Chapter 9 bankruptcy filings, PEL Analytics is uniquely qualified to prevent the worst and build for the best. Dozens of other governments have turned to our team for help to make something work better. With a core staff of public sector executive practitioners, data analysts, and a wide network of subject matter experts, our team can tackle any challenge and improve any operation.
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Looking South, Chicago, IL

State Library, Providence, RI


Lasting recovery depends on a strong local economy and thriving neighborhoods. That’s why we approach each project with a focus not only on restoring the fiscal integrity of a city or school district, but the underlying financial health of the community. Through the thoughtful deployment of federal, state, and local incentives and development programs, we can help you make the most of limited resources to remake local markets for a thriving 21st Century economy.

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What’s next? We can help answer that for your state, city, or school district. Too much of the time, decisions have to be made during times of crisis, with too few resources, and in a policy box that stopped making sense decades ago. Through our policy research practice, we can work to reframe the debate and blow up the box, focus on what works, build benchmarks, and how to get it implemented.

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