Economic And Community Development

The Apartments at Boott Mills, Lowell, MA
The Apartments at Boott Mills, Lowell, MA

Lasting recovery depends on a strong local economy and thriving neighborhoods. That’s why we approach each project with a focus not only on restoring the fiscal integrity of a city or school district, but the underlying financial health of the community. Through the thoughtful deployment of federal, state, and local incentives and development programs, we can help you make the most of limited resources and leverage tax credits, tax increment financings, Opportunity Zones, below-market debt, and other economic and community development programs to remake local markets for a thriving 21st Century economy. We also work with our clients to ensure that tax incentives and abatements truly move projects forward and don’t cost a city too much for too little gain. Moreover, we can work with complex project to ensure they’re getting the most form the portfolio of public programs meant to jump start development and close financing gaps.

  • Optimizing and modernizing state and local tax incentives
  • “But for” analysis for tax incentive deployment
  • Targeted development incentives for neighborhood commercial corridors
  • Project management services for complex collaborations with local anchor institutions (such as hospitals, universities, and foundations); incubators, accelerators, and tech transfer hubs
  • Leveraging Opportunity Zones
  • Procurement strategies to build local supply chains, spurred by public and anchor investment and action
  • Model bidding and abatement requirements to encourage inclusive development, apprenticeships, employment, and contracting opportunities
  • Public finance incentives for economic development
  • Public private partnerships for housing, schools, and other public service facilities