Government Turnaround

Beach and Boardwalk from Ocean Resort, Atlantic City, NJ
Beach and Boardwalk from Ocean Resort, Atlantic City, NJ
Having successfully navigated four major cities and school districts through recovery plans to avoid historic Chapter 9 bankruptcy filings, PEL Analytics is uniquely qualified to prevent the worst and build for the best. Dozens of other governments have turned to our team for help to make something work better. With a core staff of public sector executive practitioners, data analysts, and a wide network of subject matter experts, our team can tackle any challenge and improve any operation.
  • Serve as coordinators, special advisors, or on oversight teams for highly distressed states, municipalities, and school districts (including Act 47 in Pennsylvania and Transitional Aid in New Jersey)
  • Draft comprehensive recovery plans focused on optimizing all streams of revenue and expense
  • Evaluate and value public assets and implement public to public or public private partnership monetization strategies
  • Renegotiate labor contracts and implement personnel best practices
  • Build efficiencies in administration, public safety, public works, facilities, and transportation operations.
  • Implement modernized purchasing and vendor management systems