Policy Research

Senate Chamber of the Commonwealth, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Senate Chamber of the Commonwealth, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (cc)

What’s next? We can help answer that for your state, city, or school district. Too much of the time, decisions have to be made during times of crisis, with too few resources, and in a policy box that stopped making sense decades ago. Through our policy research practice, we can work to reframe the debate and blow up the box, focus on what works, build benchmarks, and how to get it implemented. While we work with clients to develop big picture strategies, we routinely focus on the smaller issues that make a big impact on budgets and people’s lives. We focus on state and local policy, though regularly explore the effects of federal policy on the community problems it seeks to address.

  • Analysis and creation of statutory frameworks to handle acute operational and fiscal distress for municipalities and schools
  • State and local pension and health benefits reform analysis
  • Regulating and strengthening public private partnerships for water, wastewater, stormwater, schools, and energy
  • Development of statewide school funding formulas for general education, special education, pupil transportation, and charter schools.
  • Key performance indicator creation and other reporting tools from local municipalities and school districts to states
  • Optimization of state financing for school facilities and equipment
  • Energy savings improvement programs and associated financing strategies
  • Shared service, annexation, and consolidation studies